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Kayaking in Milwaukee For Memorial Day

MKE Kayak and SUP Rentals in Brew City

As the first big Milwaukee Kayaking weekend of the season apporaches, it’s important to take a few things into consideration when picking a launching destination.

  • Renting or Bringin Your Own? Make sure your equipment checks out. We have some of the finest Milwaukee kayak and SUP rentals.
  • Parking – We’ve got it and it’s FREE!
  • Weather – Wind direction and velocity. Be sure to start off paddling into the wind, so the wind will be at your back on your return. Our guides will help you pick the right path!
  • Route – Always know where you’re going. We have maps for you!
  • Energy Levels – Pack a small snack and water. Paddling expends a lot of energy. We’ve got a taco truck at our launch for when you get back.
  • Boat Traffic – Be aware of other boats on the river and stay to the sides. Let bigger boats have the right of way and travel between the center portions of all bridges. It’s easier for kayaks and paddle boards to travel through the sides.

Remember to have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend kayaking and paddle boarding around Milwaukee. Whether it’s on the river or on the lake, figuring out a good launch and a solid plan to ensure a wonderful paddling adventure.