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Micro Blood Full Moon This Friday

Milwaukee Full Moon and lighthouse

This Friday, July 27th 2018, is a day astronomy enthusiasts and avid sky-watchers have long awaited. Not only is a total lunar eclipse taking place, but Mars will also be bright and large in the sky as the Mars opposition simultaneously occurs! Sound like something you might like to see and learn more about? Luckily, Brew City Kayak has us all covered with a Full Moon Night Paddle this Friday! Starting at 8:30PM, come experience the best way to enjoy this rare event (with a paddle in your hands) with us at 818 S. Water St. Learn about the Micro Blood Moon, lunar eclipse, other names for the July full moon, and more! We’ll be meeting in the parking lot at Brew City Kayak to get everyone set with the appropriate gear–life vests, headlamps, and lots of glow sticks. Don’t miss out on this awesome experience, reserve your kayak online today!