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Best Kayaking Photography In Milwaukee

Milwaukee Kayak Rentals on the water

Have Camera, Will Kayak: Brew City Kayak’s Top 5 Photo Locations

  1. Hoan Bridge

The most inviting sight you’ll see from Brew City Kayak’s dock, but even better from the water. The Hoan Bridge is Milwaukee’s gateway to Lake Michigan, and a photo you won’t want to pass up. You might even see a Great Lakes barge approaching from the distance or right in front of our landing.

  1. Historic Trestle

After your first left onto the Milwaukee River, you’ll see an inactive, rustic trestle bridge built in 1915, dividing the river into 2 lanes. Its wear makes it more photogenic than ever before. Take your shot.

  1. Drawbridges of the Milwaukee River

What’s more interesting than a historic stationary bridge? A moving one. A series of drawbridges on the Milwaukee River are always opening and closing while you paddle underneath. If you’re lucky, you might catch a large vessel from the Milwaukee Boatline passing through, inviting the perfect photo opportunity representing city life on the water.

  1. Third Ward River View

The Historic Third Ward is a new world from the water. The renovated warehouse buildings border the water so close that you can pull your kayak right up. Full of life all day long, the Third Ward’s water backyard is a sight to see.

  1. Wells Street Skyline

At the turn around of our city skyline tour, you’ll be met with a view of Milwaukee skyscrapers towering over you from both sides of the river. There’s nothing more unique than kayaking through the heart of Milwaukee. Take a photo, and keep that memory forever.  

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