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Kayak With Us in New Olreans This Winter

Looking for something to do this Winter? Come down to Louisiana and jump on a New Orleans Kayak Swamp and Plantation Tour. The weather is fantastic and culture is unmatched. Plus, airfare from Milwaukee to Louis Amrmstrong Airport is always in the $200 range.

New Orleans Kayak Tours

Five Reasons You Should Visit New Orleans This Winter.

  1. It’s always warm. New Orleans is the northern most part of the Carribean.
  2. Amazing culture and food.
  3. Jazz Fest, however if you can’t make it for the actual fest just know that everyday is jass
  4. Kayak Eco Tours of Wetlands
  5. Whitney Plantation Tour. Unlike other plantation, Whitney is dedicated to telling the story of the slaves.

That’s face it, winter is long in Milwaukee, too long. Do yourself a favor and get down to the bayous of New Orleans. Two of the top places to visit on your trip areĀ Hidden Adventure Swamp & Plantation Tours and Crescent City Kayak – Swamp Tours.