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Top 3 Eco Kayak Tours in The US During the Winter

Best Kayak Tour in Nola

The Hidden Kayaking Gem of Louisiana

Kayaking during the winter months in North America can be challenging in most of the upper half of the continent where tempratures are often freezing. That’s why it is important to seek out the hidden gems of kayaking tours and find them wherever they may be. We were lucky enough to visit New Orleans on our last trip and discovered someting special.

The Top 3 Eco Kayak Tours in New Orleans

It turns our that Louisiana and New Orleans in particular was the gem of kayaking we were looking for. Often referred to as the most northern point of the caribbean, this area stays wam all winter long and offers some of the best wetland kayaking in North America. We were lucky enought to go out with three different kayak tour companies on our last trip, each with their own unique and amazing outlook on adventure. Here they are, the Top 3 Eco Kayak Tours in the US during Winter.

  1. Admire New Orelans
  2. Hidden Adventure Swamp and Plantation Tours
  3. Crescent City Kayak

Brew City Kayak

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