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Top Five Reasons To Buy A Brew City Kayak Season Pass

Kayaking by the Hoan Bridge

1. Recreation and Fun

Kayaking is a great way to get out of the house, get active and explore Milwaukee from a new perspective. Whether you’re and expert or a novice our staff is very helpful and will make you feel comfortable and safe on the water.

2. Bars and Restaurants

Our river systems are littered with all sorts of neat bars and restaurants with boater friendly docks that are open to the public. Many of them also have outdoor seating which means you don’t even have to set foot in the building. Popular areas include Old World 3rd Street downtown and the Historic 3rd Ward.

3. History and Nature of the Rivers

The reason Milwaukee became one of the largest cities on the coast of Lake Michigan is due to our large river system. Our location in the Harbor district neighborhood offers a look into Milwaukee’s main harbor. Buy a cheap ticket to the Milwaukee County Historical Society and discover some cool things you may have not known about our city. Its located just across from Pere Marquette Park right on the Milwaukee River with public docks.

4.  Good way to Cool Down on a Hot Day

Located right on the shore of Lake Michigan the cool breeze off the lake can be very comfortable on a really hot day. After your kayak adventure, it’s also fun to actually get into the water. Check out our beaches including Atwater Beach in Whitefish Bay, Bradford Beach on the Eastside, or South Shore Park in Bayview.

5.  It Pays for Itself

After only 4 or 5 visits you season pass will be paid off. Also if you bring a friend along they will receive 25% off. The summer is still young and we’re just getting started.